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    cartier tank solo review

    Cartier Tank Solo

    I bought my Cartier Tank Solo 2 years back and I think people are not aware of how great it is. What the tank solo watch depicts is a fresh definition of the "original" classic Tank watch. Launched back in 2004, Tank Solo Cartier again focuses on the fresh look of the elements of the Tank watches collection. The ultra thinness makes the cartier tank solo watch remarkable as ever.

    tank solo watch

    Specifications of Cartier Tank Solo Watch

    The roman numerals look astonishing on the Tank Solo watch dial. The tank solo cartier also features a rail-track minute circle and the flat glass underlines its modernism and elegance. It has two sword shaped minute and second hands as well. The use of quartz movement helps to keep the thin profile at 5.5mm and makes the Cartier Tank Solo affordable as well as keep up with the orthodox Cartier standard.


    The modest, modern design of the Tank Solo watch made it a classic from the moment it first appeared in the Tank collection. The Tank Solo honors the unique aesthetic that lies behind the collection's success, while reworking the model with a number of variations.

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    What makes Cartier Tank Solo stand out?

    Cartier Tank Solo Mens and Cartier Tank Solo ladies watch are available in the market currently and both of them look incredibly beautiful. I personally like my tank solo watch since it is made up of stainless steel with a black alligator skin strap and an adjustable buckle. There is also a Cartier Tank Solo gold version and both these colours have small and large models.



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    Is Cartier Tank Solo Comfortable?

    The Cartier Tank Solo in stainless steel comes with the deployment clasp, which makes the watch really comfortable while you wear it. It takes a while to get the cartier tank solo leather strap set up properly, as it has to be folded, pinched and put into place within the clasp.It was confusing, but the cartier tank solo leather strap is excellent quality and very durable.


    cartier tank solo xl

    Is Cartier Tank Solo Resistant?

    The dial is opaline and holds many of the aesthetic qualities that Cartier has made famous over the years. The numeral at the 7 position holds the secret “Cartier” inscription that is one of the brand’s main tools against counterfeiting. This ultra-clean dial has been one of Cartier’s most winning features in this collection. This model is water resistant to 30 meters (3 bars), making this model a great choice or every day wear.


  • Cartier Tank Solo Collection

    Cartier Women's W5200002 Tank Solo Black Leather Strap Watch

    Cartier Men's W5200014 Tank Solo Large Stainless Steel Watch

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    calibre de cartier

    Calibre De Cartier

    Contemporary and refined, the Calibre de Cartier watch reinterprets the round form in watchmaking with character and style. Equipped with the new Manufacture Cartier movement, the 1904 MC, this new timepiece is a combination of sporty masculinity and exceptional expertise.






    Clé De Cartier

    Clé De Cartier

    Clé de Cartier comes with soft curves, clean lines, and a rounded profile, the Clé exudes a minimalist elegance. The design is a testament to precision, balance, and proportion. Great mastery went into creating fluid lines and a harmonious design. The 35 mm and 40 mm Clé de Cartier models house the caliber 1847 MC, the new Cartier Manufacture Movement.






    Cartier Tank Louis

    Cartier Tank Louis

    Worn by Louis Cartier himself, the Cartier Tank Louis watch sets the standard for all Tank watches. To embody Louis Cartier's contribution to modern style, later known as Art Deco, the tops of the lugs were rounded in contrast to the previously fashionable rectangular form and proud lines.









    Cartier Tank Americaine

    Cartier Tank Americaine

    The Tank Américaine watch features an elongated case with a more pronounced curve than the original model. It playfully updates the geometry of the lines, retaining the rectangular form while alternating between round edges and angles.




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    Cartier Tank Solo Review

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    The modest, modern design of the Cartier Tank Solo small watch made it a classic from the moment it first appeared in the Tank collection. Cartier Tank Solo watches are super elegant and durable enough plus their weight is very light so you can wear them almost at any place.

    Cartier Tank Solo Mens

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    The Cartier Tank Solo large honors the unique aesthetic that lies behind the collection's success, while reworking the model with a number of variations. With the amazing reputation, Cartier brought the tank solo collection in 2004 in order to make their watches accessible to the people like me who dream about such watches. The tank solo watch is quiet affordable and it doesn't even compromise with the usual quality and luxurious feel that Cartier watches provide.

    Cartier Tank Solo Watch

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    Cartier Tank Solo collection have a variety of models and colours available as well. It is available in some colours like cartier Tank Solo rose gold and cartier tank solo gold. The other two models have black/brown strap and one comes in a silver body.

    Cartier Tank Solo Models

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    The Cartier Tank Solo watch collection doesn't end with just one watch. It has some amazing models like the cartier tank solo large, cartier tank solo xl and cartier tank solo small. These make the Cartier tank solo collection one of the best ever that Cartier watches have let out and anyone can find a tank solo watch that suits their budget and design choices.

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    Société Cartier designs, manufactures, distributes and sells jewellery and watches. Founded in Paris, France in 1847 by Louis-François Cartier, the company remained under family control until 1964. The company maintains its headquarters in Paris and is now a wholly owned subsidiary of the Compagnie Financière Richemont SA.


    Cartier is well known for its jewellery and wrist watches, including the "Bestiary" (best illustrated by the Panthère brooch of the 1940s created for Wallis Simpson), the diamond necklace created for Bhupinder Singh the Maharaja of Patiala and the first practical wristwatch, the "Santos," of 1904.


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